Story of a City


IMG_2950Paris is a stunningly beautiful city, with hundreds of alleyways, back streets, and most importantly, stories for you to discover. Laura Moore is a professional storyteller who loves history and the stories that make Paris one of the most fascinating cities in the world. She’s roamed every inch of this city to find the stories that are worth telling, and now she’s ready to share them with you.



Stories of the City – Signature Tour

The Stories of the City tour takes a different approach to your usual walking tour. Instead of a quick summary of the city’s history, this tour will delve deep into the stories that make Paris one of the most historically fascinating cities in the world. This tour will stop at six locations, whereupon six stories from various points in the city’s timeline will be presented in great detail. From scheming con artists and eccentric booksellers, to forbidden love affairs and murderous queens, these stories and their eclectic cast of characters will be brought to life in vivid detail, for Paris is a city where the truth is often stranger than fiction.

Duration 2.5 hours


The Secrets of the Latin Quarter

The Latin Quarter is one of Paris’ most well known and beloved neighbourhoods, where every building, road, and alleyway has a story to tell. Come explore one of the oldest parts of the city and discover ancient Roman ruins, the story behind the creation of the guillotine, the former homes of revolutionaries and literary giants, and the Italian palace in the heart of Paris. Join Story of a City to discover the many secrets of this historical neighbourhood.

Duration: 2 hour and 3 hour tour itineraries


The Secrets of the Marais

A neighbourhood of changing identities, the Marais has seen its fortunes rise and fall over the centuries. Join Story of a City as we chart the history of this area, from its roots as a home base for the famed Knights Templar, to its current designation as one of the trendiest parts of Paris. This tour will explore all of these many identities, and will include visits to one of the oldest walls in Paris, private medieval mansions, and a hidden garden right in the heart of the Jewish pletzl.

Duration: 2 hours


Customized Tours

Prior to your arrival in Paris, Laura will work with you to discover your interests and put together a private tour that caters to your needs and priorities. Whether you want to see the city’s major highlights or the little known details, Laura will create the tour that is right for you.


For all tours, contact Story of A City today for rates and availabilities.