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What is Story of a City?

Every city has a story. And in Paris, that is also true of every street, alley, and cobblestone. This city has seen it all, from royalty and revolutions, to scandals and uprisings. Whether you are a dedicated francophile, or a casual fan, the history of Paris will take you on a fascinating journey through the centuries. And we want to share it all with you.

Story of a City is a Paris-based touring company dedicated to telling the stories of Paris and France. It was built on the philosophy that a fact is easily forgotten, but a story is remembered forever. That’s why every tour is created with a foundation based in storytelling and narrative arcs. On our tours, you won’t just hear regurgitated facts. You’ll be told a story. One that just happens to be true.

But Story of a City is more than just the tours we offer. Not everyone is able to travel to Paris, but that doesn’t mean we can’t bring Paris to you. Every week, Story of a City publishes articles about life in France, historical sites to visit, and the stories of Paris that you might not hear while on tour. There is so much to explore in the City of Light, and you’re welcome to explore with us, whether online or in person.

Welcome to Story of a City.

Who is Laura Moore?


Laura Moore is a professional storyteller who moved to Paris on a whim, and all these years later, France is still stuck with her. She has worked as both a writer and stage manager for over 15 years, meaning she has had a front row seat to the art of crafting a good story. Laura founded Story of a City in 2018 to bring together her love of storytelling and French history, and to share the stories of Paris with others, whether on tour or online.